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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions from our customers:

  1. What mulch depth should we use? In new areas, we recommend at least 4”. If you are refreshing areas, we recommend 2”.
  2. Is your mulch safe for children and animals? Yes. Our mulch is made from a mixed hardwood. We offer different colors that have an environmentally safe colorant added to our mulch. Visit our “Products List” page.
  3. How many times has your mulch been processed? All of our Bulk Wood Material is double processed. Visit our “Products List” page.
  4. Will your mulch stay in place, or will it blow or wash away? Yes, it will stay in place. Even though it is double processed, there is still enough consistency to remain where you place it.
  5. How long does your mulch last? How long does your color last? Some of our customers refresh each year; but typically, most of our customers refresh every two years. To help with the color, we suggest that you turn your mulch several times during the season. This creates a “like new” look to your landscaping.
  6. We are happy to provide the material you need, and installers to meet your landscape needs. Make sure and check out our “Other Resources” page for contractor suggestions.

    Also, a good source of information is your local Extension Office’s Master Gardner. They can answer any other questions you have, such as types of plants for our growing season, insect problems, etc. The Lake County, Illinois, Extension Office number is 847-223-8627, and their website is: For Kenosha County, Wisconsin, the Extension Office number is 262-857-1945, and their website is:

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