Go Green!

   T&R is proud to say that they belong to the “Green Industry.” Being 'green' means protecting and being responsible with our natural resources. The benefits give us a cleaner and healthier environment while supplying you with a superior landscaping product.

Environmentally Friendly

   We provide you with products and services that are environmentally-friendly. Many choose to use what is called “rubber mulch.” Yes, this type of product has a nice look and it is also recycled from old rubber….BUT, this product is NOT environmentally-friendly. The rubber does not decompose!! The rubber will not give the soil the nutrients it needs to become richer. Our mulch will gradually decompose into the ground and be safe for your soil, grass, plants…etc. As our product slowly decomposes, your yard WILL be getting the nutrients it needs, therefore making your yard even more beautiful.

Health and safety

USFS Photo    Today's increasing populations create a challenge for safe and efficient waste disposal.Concerns about air quality have prompted many municipalities to ban burning as a method of waste disposal as it may become a health risk and nuisance by reason of the emission of smoke, fumes, fly ash, dust or soot.

Quality Product

   Local governments are having their own work force use chippers to process tree and brush debris accumulated from roadwork, park maintenance, and storm damage clean up. This creates large piles of chips which they offer to their residents; but availability of these chips may vary and the quality is not consistent. T&R makes the extra effort to prepare a collection of finer, mulch products to fit all your landscaping needs.


Don't Burn

Recycle / Replenish

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